Industrial Training

Industrial Training is important for making an engineering student work ready. To graduate from an engineering program at UNSW all students must complete a minimum of 60 days of approved Industrial Training. It means, not only do you graduate with some real on-the-job experience.

  • Training in an industrial / commercial / financial environment provides the trainees with the opportunity to develop a problem solving attitude and to have an insight into the functioning of the accounts department.
  • It also diversifies their practical experience and helps them in developing the attributes of team work and correlation with members of other professions and disciplines.
  • It is intended to provide the trainees with a new dimension to their experience.
  • This would necessarily involve exposure of trainees to the entire gamut of activities of industrial establishments in a phased and systematic manner.
  • An exposure to the working environment of a large commercial organization will give them an integrated view of its operations.
  • It is essential that the member imparting training in industrial including commercial and financial enterprises, recognizes that perception of the overall business environment is the prime objective of such training.

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